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VOICES includes some first-hand accounts of living with gas drilling. No number of studies can convey what drilling may bring to our community as effectively as personal experience from places where it is already happening.


Chloe Kelly - Ponderings from Pandora's Box - A Journal of Living with Unconventional Gas Drilling. Chloe Kelly lives on 4+ acres of unleased land in Sullivan County, PA where the shale gas rush is just getting underway. Because she works in Bradford County, her experience also includes what's happening there. Chloe will be submitting new entries periodically.


David Bohlander - July 2011 Comments on Impacts of Gas Drilling in Southeastern Bradford County, PA. David Bohlander is an accountant and business consultant in Bradford County. He owns a 190 acre farm in Asylum Township which has been in his family for 150 years. David's comments are responses to questions from a Tompkins County acquaintance of his.


David Bohlander - "From the Frontlines" interview with Jay Wilcox published January 13, 2013. This interview took place 18 months after Dave shared the comments above. David has not leased his land, but his water is now contaminated. His wife is being treated for elevated liver enzymes at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Barbara and Charlie Gerlach - Frackturing Sustainability. Barbara and Charlie Gerlach own and operate Berryfields Farm in New Albany, Bradford County, PA. They grow organic produce, raise animals on pasture and offer farm stays in their guest house. The guiding principle of the farm has always been sustainability in all things, but the Gerlachs see encroaching gas drilling threatening both their vision for the farm and its viability. They wrote this piece in June 2011.


Libby Foust - PA Should Serve as a Warning on Drilling. Libby Foust recently moved from Bradford Co, PA to the Town of Hector, NY. She made this presentation to a meeting of the Schuyler County Legislature on August 12, 2011.


Carol French - In this "From the Frontlines" interview with Jay Wilcox, published January 3, 2013, Bradford County, PA dairy farmer Carol French recounts her personal experience with water contamination from shale gas drilling. When she and neighbor Carolyn Knapp first heard reports of contaminated water in neighboring Susquehanna Count back in 2009, they visited to try to learn more but came away unsure what to believe. That changed in 2011. "You know it's real when it happens to you", she says in this interview. Drilling began near her home in Dec 2010 and by July 2011, there were nine wells. Carol describes the water problems that began in October 2011 as well as how the attitude of one of her neighbors towards Carol's water issues changed when that neighbor's water also went bad.


Carol French - "If I hear one more farmer say they want drilling to save the farm". Carol was moved to write this facebook page post after three of her cows aborted their calves in the space of nine days around the beginning of February 2013: "I wrote about the events taking place on my farm this morning so all of you could feel the heartache and despair we are feeling as we watch our investment, our livelihood go down the drain, not because of what we may have done wrong, but because of what is taking place on our neighboring property."


Tammy Manning - Tammy and her family moved to Franklin Forks (Susquehanna County), PA in Nov 2010. Their new home was 4,000 feet from one multi-well drilling site and 7,000 feet from another. In December 2011, the water in their house turned dark grey and brown, and water began erupting from their well head. In April 2012 they filed suit agains driller WPX and two associated companies seeking an injunction barring WPX from further drilling and gas-production activities in the area of the Hollenbeck and Depue wells, as well as monetary damages and the cost of remediation and future health monitoring. This interview took place January 17, 2013. The Manning Family's story has also been documented by Shale Gas Outrage