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Nov 14: To stay or to leave?

I've been asked by a few friends whether I will leave at some point. I waver between staying to the bitter end and leaving as soon as I can't stand it. There's always the third possibility too -- that the industry will collapse under the weight of its own deceptions. That's the one I'm rooting for -- and will root for until the noise and pollution drive me out. When my pets start dying, then for sure I'm gone.

Right now, I can't walk out the door in the mornings without hearing the sounds of trucks either driving by, braking, or backing up.

And I'm noticing that there are NO birds except for crows around. NADA. A week ago, I saw a handful of chickadees, but they've disappeared. I keep listening and hoping it's just because the weather is unusually warm, and that when it gets colder the winter birds will appear.... but this year the flocks that always have collected on the tree by the pond for about a week before heading south did not make a showing. NADA. I'm in deep dismay that could deepen into abject misery if this continues.

There were two ads in our local weekly paper this week from Chesapeake. One full page ad and one quarter page ad, and they were both touting how environmentally friendly the company is.

A few quotes from their ads: "we take the utmost care to protect the environment"... take pride in safe, environmentally friendly operations" ... "Chesapeake is looking out for the environment" etc. etc. ad nauseum.

One ad says -- and it's allegedly a quote from a local farmer - "They always ask if we have any concerns, and if we do, they're right there to fix it. They've been good to us."

 If this is true, how come they have yet to deliver the special methane-venting well cap they agreed to give us this past spring when we attended a meeting and proved we had methane in our water? I've called the man in charge three times now since August and left clear messages reminding them they had approved us for the cap and asking where it is - and he has yet to return one call, much less get us the cap.

 This industry is impossible to ignore; it is impossible to just look in another direction; their lies are appalling and the intentional ignorance is unconscionable.

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